Unrivaled dedication to excellence

Class 3 Creative was developed to fill the firearm industry’s deep need for marketing and design. Whether your company is in the firearms industry, shooting sports, tactical gear, law enforcement, or any related industry, C3C is here to help you communicate with your target market, strengthen your brand messaging, and show the world what you have to offer. We’ll be straight with you - we’re a team of talented nerds who are passionate about the firearms industry. We have a crazy work ethic because we love what we do, so working long hours to make your company stand out through design, media, and visual communication makes us happy.

We are a federally licensed FFL & SOT to streamline transfers for product photography

We are a federally licensed FFL & SOT to streamline transfers for product photography

industry focused

With over ten years of experience in the marketing and design arenas, we have pivoted our focus solely to the world of firearms, shooting sports, outdoor sporting, etc. In today’s climate, the firearms industry is controversial and often discriminated against in the marketing world, which results in limited options for talent when it comes to the design you need and deserve. We know that’s not right. It’s no easy task to find a creative team that understands your industry and knows how to communicate with your audience. Fortunately, our team at C3C has both personal and professional experience in the firearms industry. When you choose C3C, you can trust that you’re working with a creative team that not only deeply understands the industry, but loves it too.

the bottom line

You’re overworked and stressed out with the big picture and day-to-day tasks of running a company. We get it. You have an amazing product and an important message to put out there, so let us help guide your marketing and design efforts to achieve the results you’ve been seeking. Our combination of creativity, talent, and passion helps your company stand out among the competition and communicate with your audience like you’ve never done before. To make everything that much easier, we are a federally licensed FFL & SOT to handle transfers for photography directly. This makes the process as smooth as possible and also offers more security on NDAs in the case of proprietary parts.